Business matters. People matter.

We’re accountable for shaping careers, lives, and to some degree, the future of healthcare. Our values help us deliver results we can be proud of.

We care

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It’s important that every person our clients hire makes a positive impact on their business. We’d rather not fill a position than supply mediocre candidates.

About our

Career moves are an important decision for you and your family. We will never sell you a role or push you to take a job that doesn’t “feel right”.


MedTech innovation is crucial. While we don’t build or produce technology, we do introduce the right professionals to the most disruptive manufacturers.


We hold ourselves accountable for our successes and failures. It is important to build our business and relationships with openness, honesty and transparency.

“The true measure of a job well done is to see candidates I place thrive in and grow the businesses I introduce them to.”

Matthew Henshaw, Founder & CEO

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Matthew Henshaw has worked as a headhunter for over a decade. A strong business background and thousands of hours on the phone to professionals, from multiple countries, has equipped him with an unique outlook on commercialising MedTech innovation.

This means his clients enjoy relevant industry insight and advice, as well as being introduced to candidates that have a powerful impact on the growth of their business.

Hmm, *Talanoa?

* Talanoa is a traditional word used across the Pacific to reflect a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue. That’s what we do. We discuss, we connect, and we help brilliant teams achieve their success stories.

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