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Case Studies


When I first started working with Talanoa I was immediately struck by how thorough they were. They immediately got to the point of addressing my needs and the details around the positions I was trying to fill. They were very professional but, they are also knowing the urgency of my needs and went right to work.

Within days, they had identified several candidates, all of which I would have hired. The one candidate we did hire, has fit into our organization well and continues to be a top performer year over year.

I would highly recommend Talanoa/Matthew as a top tier search firm, but I will tell you that you need to be serious about hiring when you engage them for, they will put more than 100% effort into meeting your needs. They look to develop long term relationships with their clients, and I can tell you they have one in me.

What did you enjoy about working with Matthew?


I was always impressed by Matthew’s knowledge of the Spine Market in terms of potential candidates to be contacted and interviewed. It was very easy to explain to him our needs, which were transformed in a few days into interesting proposals.


What would you say to people who are considering working with Matthew?


To potential new clients, I would simply explain to them that he is by nature very reliable, aware of the responsibility of his job, fast in delivering what he’s promised.


What makes Matthew different from other headhunters?


What makes Matthew different from other headhunters, is that he has always been intellectually and practically honest with our company.

What did you enjoy about working with Matthew?


I enjoyed the fact that Matthew never pressured me into taking the job that he was helping place me into. In fact, he really pushed me to make the best decision for my family and my career. I appreciated the fact that he was willing to walk away from a placement if the role/company were not the right fit for the candidate.


What didn’t you enjoy about working with Matthew?


The timezone differences are challenging working with a recruiter in Europe. While Matthew works incredibly off hours to partner with his American clients, I felt guilty if I chatted with him late in the evening in Poland knowing that I might be interfering with his family time.


What would you say to people (possible candidates or clients) who are considering working with Talanoa?


I would say that Matthew wants happy candidates and clients. Many recruiters just want to make a placement and move on. Matthew contacted me every month for the first six months at the job that he placed me at to ask how the role/fit was going. I really appreciated that he wanted to ensure a positive fit not only for me but for my new organization.


What makes Matthew different from other headhunters?


Matthew has the ability to be patient in the process. As a candidate going through the process can be extremely stressful, especially if you are currently employed. Matthew was very calm throughout the process and reassuring that the correct fit is the most important end result. I felt that I could walk away at any point, and he would have respected my choice.


How has Talanoa helped you grow?


Matthew helped place me into a company and role that I really enjoy. He provided an opportunity to me and my family that I otherwise would not have known existed. I am thankful that he continues to reach out and be a friend in my new journey that exists because of his support.


Working with Matthew at Talanoa was very straightforward and expectations were set and managed through open continuous communication. During the process he did an excellent job at clearly understanding both sides of the position to ensure it was the right fit.

Additionally, Matthew truly understands the medical device space and has his finger on the pulse of new technologies and trends. Even when there is not a position to fill, Matthew looks for ways to add value to our organization without asking for anything in return. In short, Matthew has been a valuable resource. Therefore, we highly recommend working with him and his team!

Matthew distinguished himself from other recruiters immediately by presenting himself as being genuinely passionate and caring about me as a candidate as well as towards the company for which he was recruiting. He was both professional and personable and his kind demeanor put me at ease immediately. Matthew was truly knowledgeable about the position as well as the culture of the company. He provided me with a very thorough summary of the position requirements as well as the cultural qualifications that would make a candidate a good fit within the company. During the process, Matthew made it easy for me to express my interest and qualifications as well as any concerns or apprehension. Matthew not only asked all the right questions to assess my capabilities and cultural fit for the position, but also offered insight and coaching to assist me in successfully expressing my experiences, skills, and cultural attributes. I believe Matthew was equally adept at evaluating both my fit within the company as well as if the company were a good fit for me. He seemed genuinely determined to make sure that the recommended candidate would bring a mutual benefit to both parties. His focus was on a long-term fit, not just to fill the position.


One of the qualities I appreciated most was that Matthew was also great about communicating with me on a regular basis and kept me up to date and informed throughout the process. He was honest and forthcoming about the position, the company’s expectations, the salary, benefits and future potential of the company and position. Matthew not only answered my questions thoroughly and provided me with all the information that I requested but he also listened to my professional and personal goals and requirements and made sure that the position and company would meet my expectations.


Once an interview was arranged, Matthew was extremely helpful in providing me with background information on the interviewer, sample questions and suggestions of what skills and qualifications to highlight. With his assistance, the interview was successful and led to an offer of employment and acceptance. Matthew followed up with me immediately and kept me informed every step of the way making sure my transition into the company and position was smooth and uneventful. However, he did not stop there. It has been a year since I accepted the position and Matthew continues to follow up with me periodically to see how I am doing and if I am happy with the position and company and always asks if there is anything I need or that he can do to assist me in any way. It is a pleasure to let him know how happy and satisfied I am with both my position and the company.


I can honestly say that it was a pleasure to work with Matthew during the recruiting process as a candidate and now that I am with the company, I am equally as happy to know that he is seeking the best talent for other positions within the company. When Matthew recommends a candidate for a position, I am confident that he has thoroughly vetted the candidate and has assessed the compatibility and fit of the candidate for both the position and our culture. I highly recommend Talanoa without hesitation.

Merchandise or human capital?

I’ve met with many recruitment companies in my career of 30 years in Medical Devices and during the last 8 years I had the privilege and pleasure to work with Matthew Henshaw in his role of professional recruiter. In my experience Matthew outshines others by a differentiating approach to not consider candidates as merchandise, but human beings of flesh and blood instead. As a candidate I felt comfortable with the direct, professional and honest way Matthew interviewed me, asking the right questions in order to investigate if I would make a good match with his client’s vacancy. During the hiring process he was always available for my questions and he prepared me well on the different conversations.

Back in 2013 Matthew was the one introducing me to a company where I spent 5 lovely years after in a leadership position, further developing myself, much to the appreciation of both the employer and me. During last years I continued catching up with Matthew, during which I always have been greatly impressed about his industry/market knowledge, his broad network and -again- personal approach respecting people for who they are, instead of what his personal financial compensation would be after a successful placement. Many in the recruitment industry claim to be respectful to both clients and candidates, but only a few, among which Matthew Henshaw, show to be of a different kind and prove to both they indeed are!


What did you enjoy about working with Talanoa?


Trust, Transparency and Targeting were key when working with Talanoa.


What didn’t you enjoy about working with Matthew? What could Talanoa do better?


The professionalism, highly relevant market knowledge and customization of the hiring needs were so sharp, that any areas of improvement did not appear relevant.


Why should other companies consider working with Talanoa?


For a disruptive and high caliber organization, they seek Value. That is, a reasonable cost to attract engaged, loyal and ethical top talent.


What makes Matthew different from other headhunters?


Market knowledge, network connections and refined active listening skills to optimize client profile needs.


How has Talanoa helped you grow?


Talanoa has contributed strongly and wisely to help assess the available talent and propose appropriate candidates fitting the culture & commercial objectives of the organization of interest.


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