Companies to Watch – HT Medical

By Matthew Henshaw

Oct 02, 2020 · 3 min read

Part of the series 'Companies to Watch', here is an introduction to HT Medical (edit: now Xenix), about their way to disrupt the Spine market.

HT Medical is a relatively new spinal device manufacturer based out of Florida USA. Using their, patented Ti3D Technology, they are able to print their cages in such a way to include the devices porous matrix. This allows for reduced stiffness and greater load dispersment for a more comfortable patient experience. On top of the existing portfolio and elite team, they have more to look forward to in next five years with new technology – that has the potential to be game-changing – on the horizon.

Here, Ryan Phillips, President at HT Medical, discusses the company’s current technology and plans for the future:

What do you offer and what makes you different?

HT Medical is a relatively new medical device company focused on helping spine patients reclaim their lives as quickly as possible by creating differentiated, highly-engineered products. The company’s goal is to disrupt the spinal implant industry with its proprietary Ti3D™ Technology that consists of a 3D-printed uniformly porous interbody device matrix that reduces stiffness and provides a load-dispersing Snowshoe Effect™ to lessen the potential for implant subsidence. The Ti3D™ platform also incorporates the company’s proprietary surface technology to accelerate cellular attachment and proliferation for implant osseointegration.

How have you approached 2020 and the pandemic? What have you achieved?

We approached the pandemic as a chance to begin the process of scaling the company in preparation for significant sales growth and market disruption in 2021 and beyond. This has entailed the expansion of our surgeon, scientific, and commercialization network, as well as the completion of several key operational and R&D projects.

What would you have presented at NASS this year?

We were planning our much-anticipated introduction to the spinal implant industry at this year’s meeting and serving notice of our intentions to disrupt the market with our unique Ti3D™ technology. Now we have time to plan for an even bigger splash at next year’s meeting!



How do you feel about the industry and what do you think about the meeting being virtual?

This has obviously been a very challenging year for the spinal industry, as it has for most industries, as a result of the pandemic shutdown and slow rebound. However, we are buoyed by the knowledge that the industry is poised to bounce back stronger than ever before due to pent-up patient demand for effective surgical solutions to their spinal pathologies. It is great to see NASS leadership find a creative means to continue their tradition of education and collaboration excellence during these challenging times.

What are your plans for 2021 and beyond?

2021 will be a big year for our company as we leverage the aforementioned work we have done this year to prepare for significant revenue growth. We will be launching several new products and sharing a variety of data as we accelerate our biomechanical and clinical study initiatives in support of the unique advantages of Ti3D™.

About Ryan Phillips, President at HT Medical

Ryan has spent 13-years in medical device on the startup and small business side of the industry, navigating and building out independent distribution networks in an ultra-competitive marketplace. He brings a unique perspective to device manufacturing operations, having spent extensive time immersed in the clinical setting, gaining intimate knowledge of end user needs, which greatly influences the development of products and the prioritization of critical or non-critical resources of the business. He has been part of the startup, or founding of, several multi-million dollar medical device and biological companies, managing critical aspects of the newly formed companies: cash flow and financial management, infrastructure establishment, quality and regulatory system implementation, product development, and sales network creation and expansion. These experiences have taught valuable lessons in the necessity of developing short and long-term strategic plans, while maintaining and leveraging industry relationships for long-term sustainable growth.


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