5 Step Plan to Stay Ahead of the Crisis

By Matthew Henshaw

Jun 27, 2020 · 3 min read

AN INNOVATIVE med-tech company reveales how it stayed a step ahead of the coronavirus pandemic.

Singular Health moved swiftly to protect itself against the dangers of Covid-19 – imposing lockdown and travel bans before they were officially announced. The Australian group shared with us its five-stage strategy that enabled business to keep moving – while ensuring the safety of staff and reassuring clients.

Managing director Thomas Hanly said: “The Covid-19 pandemic is a tragedy that has affected lives and businesses around the world. It’s dominated the news cycle in a way that hasn’t been seen in 50 years.

“We know now, looking at the tragic death tolls around the globe, just how devastating it has been.

“Yet before the pandemic arrived in Australia, just months ago, it was being claimed that the virus was no more harmful than seasonal flu.

“Early misinformation minimised the novel nature of Covid-19 and sought to frame symptoms as predictable, if not entirely treatable. So when the World Health Organisation announced a pandemic, it gave businesses very little time to adjust to the new paradigm.

“Our response, to protect our staff and the financial requirement of our clients and suppliers, was both swift and comprehensive.”

Singular Health’s five-point strategy was as follows:


“So often in responses to emergency situations, companies follow the news cycle and respond after the fact,” said Thomas.

“At Singular Health we moved prior to the official lockdowns and travel bans to ensure our staff had the resources to work from home, as well as detailed safety procedures in the event of person-to-person contact.”

The company also revised its planning and development schedules, as well as its marketing programme.

Software originally scheduled for later in 2020 was brought forward – including its freeware virtual anatomy software (www.virtualanatomy.com.au) and 3D DICOM viewing tool (www.3dicomviewer.com). Both required little or no person-to-person contact to roll out.


Regular communication through email, social media and the Singular Health website enabled the company to keep its customers in the loop.

Thomas said: “During difficult times it is easy to retreat into your shell and wait for the pandemic to blow over. Regular communication has been key to ensure that our new software is increasingly relevant.

“It has also allowed us to keep track of when our customers are coming back to work to restart their projects.”


By building new applications while supporting existing customers, Singular Health was able to maintain cash flows while navigating through the coronavirus crisis. By being rational and planning well, the group has been able to forecast how the business is set to look after the pandemic.

Thomas added: “As ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ states – ‘don’t panic”. We can’t stop the pandemic – it will happen and life as we know it will change.

“Sometimes a calm approach reveals opportunities that were not apparent before. In our case building new applications while supporting our existing customers has helped us maintain cash flow while planning for how the business looks after the pandemic.”


Singular Health worked hard to reassure clients and staff with consistent messages that despite business interruption, together they would get to the other side of the pandemic.

Thomas said: “In difficult times, exuding confidence provides our clients with the confidence to continue their relationship with us, while lowering staff and contractor anxiety.

“Anxiety is a productivity killer.”


Key to Singular Health’s pandemic response was compassion. The company negotiated flexible arrangements with customers affected by the crisis and ensured staff could work from home with support.

Thomas said: “This was not an opportunity to take advantage of misfortune but a chance to show genuine compassion.

“We allowed staff to work from home and offered additional sick leave to anyone who may have contracted Covid-19, or had to spend time supporting their families.

“Genuine compassion builds loyalty.”

Our take on this?

Even the most innovative technology won’t be successful without the right people behind it. Singular Health proved that even with the unprecedented disruption of a global pandemic, it’s possible to keep business moving. By following its five-step process, the team were able to put in strong contingency measures, swiftly, to keep calm and carry on.


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