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Bringing autonomy to US operations


NEO Medical


Spinal implants and instruments


Finance and Operations Manager



Candidate Testimonial

Matthew distinguished himself from other recruiters immediately by presenting himself as being genuinely passionate and caring about me as a candidate.

Brenda Mossholder, Finance and Operations Manager, NEO Medical

Scenario and Business Challenge

Neo Medical are Swiss based Spinal implant manufacturer who offer affordable, high quality, disposable instruments as a solution for lumbar fusion.

Having achieved FDA approval and successfully launching in the US market, with sales and operations beginning to scale, Neo needed someone onsite in the USA to manage Finance and Operations. Furthermore, with process an procedures differing in the USA from Europe, it was important to hire someone local to support the COO in Switzerland. Where this isn’t a typical position we recruit for, having worked with Neo on previous hires in the USA, we had a strong understanding of personal fit and working closely with the COO we were able to understand the required skillset.

Hunt for the Perfect Candidate

When we conduct a search for commercial sales and marketing staff in the USA or Europe, we already have a longlist to begin the search. Whether this is from previous searches or from our immediate network, or from our thorough market mapping, we have somewhere to start. As this was the first Finance position we were recruiting for in the USA, we had to start from scratch. This included building longlists and speaking to our network for referrals. We did this by identifying MedTech Companies within the location Neo had specified and began searching for finance professionals at those businesses.

Once the longlist was populated we reached out to candidates who were interested and started to call candidates. This process involved some learning on the job qualifying the day to day roles of candidates. With knowledge of the client’s needs and culture we were able to identify 2 candidates who could do the job, which we submitted to the client as a benchmark. One candidate was accepted to interview who was deemed a strong fit. The client of course didn’t want to make a choice from one candidate, so armed with the newly acquired working knowledge of the preferred candidate, alongside the needs of the client we were able to identify two more candidates for the process. One of the new candidates was preferred and accepted the job.


Client Testimonial

They distinguish themselves with market knowledge, network connections and refined active listening skills to optimize client profile needs..

Xavier Pardo, President USA, NEO Medical

Struggles along the way

Coming into the search relatively blind, it was difficult to initially populate and subsequently approach a longlist of candidates. Also, not having worked with such candidates before it was important to understand what they did on a day to day basis to be successful in their job. Having spoken to 20 candidates and working transparently with the client we were able to better understand who the right fit was and therefore provide a much better service.


Result (impact)

Having secured the Finance and Operations Manager, they quickly set to work improving processes and implementing change. Having someone to run this in the USA allowed the US President to focus on building revenue and took burden away from operations in Switzerland. This candidate has become an integral member of the team at Neo.

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