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From zero to
$10 million in 4 years


Camber Spine


Spinal implants


Area Sales Director


South Central USA


Client Testimonial

I would highly recommend Talanoa as a top tier search firm, they will put more than 100% effort into meeting your needs.

Paul Sendro, COO, Camber Spine

Camber Spine offer award-winning portfolio of 3D printed, titanium, interbody cages. Backed by their own, inhouse manufacturing and R&D facility, Camber have been able to stay on the forefront of innovation in spine.

When we started working with them in 2017, they were at the beginning of their journey. Alongside, a host of me too implants, they had developed one of markets first standalone ALIF cages. Camber had the ambition to follow in the footsteps of LDR, who had been acquired by ZimmerBiomet.

Business Challenge

Camber was mainly selling their ENZA standalone ALIF cage, at the time. They wanted to grow in a controlled way to cover the USA, whilst being able to manage their inventory levels, keeping surgeons supported as and when necessary. As a smaller company, the role of Area Sales Director had no direct reports, and required doing the groundwork. With Camber looking to follow the blueprint of LDR, LDR became the perfect first stop for identifying regional sales manager candidates looking to make the step up to Director.

Hunt for the Perfect Candidate

Client Testimonial

Matthew immediately got to the point of addressing my needs and the details around the positions I was trying to fill. He was very professional but, he was also knowing the urgency of my needs and went right to work.

Paul Sendro, COO, Camber Spine

Having mapped the RSMs and ASDs at LDR across the country, we looked at the selling points for the position, to best promote the role and attract the interest of headhunted pool of professionals. It was important to sell Camber and the nuance of their stand alone AlIF cage. Once we gathered interest, we screened candidates’ ambitions and past performance to best match it with Camber’s commercial strategy. This is not merely to decide if the candidate is a strong fit for Camber, which of course is important, but also to assess whether Camber provides the right career opportunity that is fully in line with the candidate’s career goals.

Struggles along the way

We’re used to working with smaller players. For them hiring a new person is a huge challenge. On one hand they need to grow and on the other recruitment is a secondary job. With Camber it resulted in a drawn out process, which could have resulted in loosing candidate’s interest and excitement about the opportunity. We took it on our shoulders to keep candidate’s ‘warm’.


We secured for Camber the Area Sales Director for South Central USA. Our work has impacted both candidate and client positively. Within 12 months Gant earned a promotion to Area Vice President of the whole West of the USA and within 4 years had grown his region from $0 – $10m. This has been a fantastic result and something that proves, hiring the right candidate is paramount to building a successful business.

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